Lander creates values in 2 business fields
inspired by the phrase “Ambition to reach for the stars”.

  • Contents Creation
  • Creative Produce

What is Contents Creation

We create genreless content such as films, web, articles and etc.,
to bring as many trigger as possible to inspire the ambition
to reach for your own stars.


What is Creative Produce

Our integrated support based on the extensive experience
in content creation field helps the clients to be successful in
a new field.
At all times our goal is to win the consumer’s hearts and minds.

Why Lander’s creative production is unique?

  • All producers and directors
    are female
  • 24/7 coverage
    with global members
  • Provide Lander ControlTM,
    which is robust, detailed,
    flexible and high-speed
  • Cutting-edge creativity
    recognized by world-class
    awards including
    Cannes Lions
  • Support
    foreign languages

Service Menu

  • Strategic project productionOverall production lead and integration

    The clients may have the specific goals, such as introducing something into the world or creating certain topics. To achieve such goals, we look at the whole picture and develop, direct and implement the method to deliver the best products to our clients based on the precise understanding of the client, partner and creator’s intention. Our multi-directional management covers client relation management, adequate staffing, products management, progress management, financial management and etc. We produce genreless creative products including web, graphic, event, content, product and etc. and we lead the project from the beginning to the end.

    1. 1.After we sort out the client’s challenges and goals, we compose the best-fit team with best staffing. Lander can select the adequate people from around the world with various backgrounds
    2. 2.We kick off after we carefully review the purpose and progress of the final product to make sure the purpose of creative product is aligned with the creative quality of the partner and creator.
    3. 3.We overlook the whole picture and develop, direct and implement the best products and artworks. Our multidirectional management includes client relation, staffing, products quality management, editorial management and financial management.
    4. 4.We control the creative quality while coordinating the progress with various partners and creators. We manage and lead the projects to bring innovative and disruptive creative products into the world.

    Examples of service element

    • Assemble and assign professionals
    • Operation team building
    • Set completion roadmap
    • Creative control
    • Convince and negotiate with stakeholders
    • Command center to lead the goal (progress supervision)
    • Financial management
  • Strategic project managementLander ControlTM

    To make a creative product that grabs the attention of today’s consumer, you need a robust and strategic foundation work, which is called progress management. Because Lander has the members in many countries and regions, we have accumulated communication, information sharing and management know-how to build a strong team and it evolved to a unique strategic project progress management. We take advantage of this unique project management method (Lander ControlTM)to manage the progress to produce high quality creative products.

    Examples of service element

    • Design reliable project plan looking ahead to the goal
    • Create original management tool per project
    • Detailed and flexible progress management by female director that understands the whole picture
    • No-stress 24/7 coverage taking advantages of the member’s time difference
    • Robust verification system and unique verification know how
  • Develop marketing communication strategy and support implementation

    Lander’s assets are; (1)All members including influencers are female. (2)Our members live around the world and each of them has the up-to-date local information and the network. (3)Cutting-edge creativity cultivated by content creation. Based on them, we set up your marketing communication strategy. We can conduct unique marketing research (see below for details), design realistic target and persona and set up strategies including perception flow that easily causes market diffusion and penetration. As we have experience in luxury brands and lifestyle brands, we can tactically set up the communication strategy that follows the brand worldview and integrated with the digital tools.

    Examples of service element

    • Marketing research (Qualitative research, analysis, report/ See below for details)
    • Setting up communication strategy
    • Develop communication target and personas
    • Digital marketing communication strategy (See below for details)
    • Craft powerful and striking phrases to grab the consumer’s attention (tagline, copy and hashtag)
  • Support digital marketing communication strategy / implementation

    Among above-mentioned marketing communication strategies, Lander’s specialty is customer value maximization through digital marketing commutation. We identify the most adequate digital medias not limited to SNS to set up communication strategy per each media. Because Lander’s members include influencers and leaders, while we embody the brand’s worldview, we can cause diffusion and buzz by adequate prosumers to support the strategy setting and the implementation of the digital marketing communication.

    Examples of service element

    • Research and analyze digital marketing communication
    • Design and implement digital marketing
    • Content planning and setting
    • Develop and operate SNS strategy
  • Plan and produce digital creative products

    Since our establishment in 2002, Lander strives to plan and produce high-quality creative products. Today we pursue providing innovative products that precisely reflect worldview particularly in the digital field. Our CEO, Mutsumi is an international creative producer who was awarded numbers of titles including Cannes Lions, obtained artist visa for the United States. She will be your producer to plan and manage the creative products.

    Examples of service element

    • Design and create storyline for customer experience journeys
    • Visual direction
    • Designs, illustrations and photos
    • Progress supervision
    • Implementation and formulation
    • Quality Control
  • Plan and develop branded content

    While paying close attention to the client’s challenges and goals, we plan and develop the branded content that represents the worldview of the brand from the scratch. SNS or conventional ad spot is not always required to grab the attention of today’s consumer as little action has the same power to spread and penetrate the idea. In some cases, articles or coffee event is more effective. We come up with the idea of the branded content from scratch to drive real market diffusion and penetration.

    Examples of service element

    • Planning and development taking advantage of female viewpoints
    • Story-rich planning and development based on film production experience
    • Planning and development taking the advantage of oversea network
    • Media design and setting
  • Design and develop PR promotion methods

    Our strengths are the solid planning capability and the network. We propose out-of-box promotion and produce from beginning to the end. We also mix industries and adopt reverse thinking to break the routines of promotion method to deliver fresh subject to the consumers that easily spreads among people.

    Examples of service element

    • Create press release
    • Create phrase to diffuse
    • Cross-industry tie-up planning and implementation
    • Event planning and operation
    • Digital promotion planning and setting
  • Support development of new products and services

    Lander connects to the worldwide communities with leading female members. They actually live in the world’s latest trend and also are professionals of creative field such as planning, production, editing, writing, marketing strategy setting and etc. Using their leading sense and creativity, we support development of the one step ahead products and services.

    Examples of service element

    • Cutting edge global trend research for new products
    • Develop concepts for new products
    • Develop concepts for new service
    • Structure marketing strategies for new products and services
  • Marketing research and local coordinate

    Lander’s assets are; (1)All members including influencers are female. (2)Our members live in around the world and each of them has the latest local information and the network. (3)Cutting-edge creativity cultivated by content creation. We take advantage of them and implement unique marketing research while understanding the world’s trend and the latest trend from the female’s viewpoint. Lander is particularly good at qualitative marketing research that can be easily ignored by the quantitative data. We can implement trend research. We also recruit and coordinate the research in general.

    Examples of service element

    • The latest trend research to grab the future trend
    • Persona search for target setting
    • Research recruiting
    • Research coordination
    • Coordination in general

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