Ambition to reach for the stars.

Lander is a creative company
that arouses your ambition to reach for the stars
where you can be yourself by genreless content
including films, web, ads, entertainments and etc.

“Lander” is a spacecraft to land on the surface of an unexplored planet.

We define unexplored planet
as a warm, inspired feeling in the bottom of your heart when you accept yourself.
And each of us has our own planet.

Lander is navigated by female directors around the world.
They are the bold dreamers
who lead unformatted lifestyle accepting the weight of freedom.

With the highly developed production method
reflecting our accumulated experiments and adventures since 2002,
we bring variety of content into the world
to arouse your ambition to reach for the stars.

Our Business。

Lander creates values in 2 business fields
inspired by the phrase “Ambition to reach for the stars”.

Content Creation

We create genreless content such as films, web, articles and etc.,
to bring as many trigger as possible to inspire the ambition
to reach for your own stars.

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Creative Production

Our integrated support based on the extensive experience
in content creation field helps the clients to be successful in a new field.
At all times our goal is to win the consumer’s hearts and minds.

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