Wrap Up Report. film “high heels” starring RINKO KIKUCHI.



On August, wrap up our film “high heels” starring RINKO KIKUCHI.
Direct and write by Inchui LEE, Lander Inc. This one is 2nd film for him since he came and moved to base-on Japan when he was 19 year-old.

Strong actors and actresses bring up support are FUJIKO KOJIMA who is appearing on long-running historical drama series on NHK TV, GENRI who is starring in film “The Voice of Water” and RAN TANIGUCHI who is a cover girl of many kinds of magazine as well as starring in TV commercial of Glico and Menicon recently.

Filmmaking is on set towards the World Premiere and domestic public of 2016, production is in progress! Also gathered a great talent to represent Japan in the post-production, it is becoming a major project should be outgoing towards the World from Japan.

Such high quality and huge scale should make you doubt it is independent production.

Film “high heels” must breathe new wind into independent film industry of Japan.
Wait and see to wrap up!

“high heels”
Stage of the story is on 4015. The beautiful shoe artisan is living for “particular” was actually android. What is going to happen when androids have a sense of humanity…

Kay keeps making shoes in earnest.
Making shoe is the most noble behavior and important for Kay.
One day, a customer orders making a pair of custom made shoes.
Kay made the pair of high heel shoes over and over again, and finally it was completed. However, her one foot does not fit a little bit when the customer tries it on. Kay persuades the customer that he would resolve the problem. Though he starts facing toward the shoe…

【Main staff】
Director:Inchul LEE
Written by:Inchul LEE , Mutsumi LEE
Procuder:Mutsumi LEE
Cinematographer:Takuro Ishizaka
Gaffer:Hideki Tateno
Production Disgner:Mutsumi LEE
Special art:Tomo Hyakutake
Executive Special art:Nao Sasaki
Make Up director:Yuka Washizu
Make Up artist:Kie Kiyohara
Hair artist:Tomoko Sato
Stylist:Rena Semba
Still Photographer:Ryosuke Kikuchi
Edior : Soichi Ueno

Production:Lander Inc.
Made in Japan

Come out on 2016!!